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Unexpected vet fees can come out of the blue, so Pet Insurance is designed to help you cover the cost of veterinary treatment if you beloved pets falls ill or gets injured. With so many different providers and products available to choose from it can be difficult finding the right policy for you. Pet Protect is solely focused on Pet Insurance. We are a specialised in Pet Insurance and have been providing cover for cats & dogs for nearly 40 years now. We are passionate our pets, so that's why we offer a range of products to help you with the cost of expensive vet treatment. Remember there is no NHS for our pets so Pet Insurance can offer you that peace of mind when they need treatment.

Choose from Condition Care, Lifetime Plus or Lifetime Extra policies with up to £6,000 covering you for:

  • The cost of vet fees and procedures for treating illnesses, injuries or conditions
  • The cost of diagnostic medical treatment
  • Certain complementary treatment costs
  • The cost of your pet if they are stolen or if your pet strays
  • Kennel and/or cattery fees if you are ill, injured or hospitalised

Other great benefits:

  • Pet Protect comes with a 24-hour, 7 days a week qualified vet support and advice helpline
  • All three levels of Pet Protect cover include £1 million third party liability cover
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